How long does it take to develop an app?

Similar to price, the amount of time it takes to develop an app varies depending on the complexity of features, how many pages your software requires, and which platforms you would like to distribute for. Most projects can be completed within three months, and generally closer to two months. We always like to give conservative estimates for the development schedule to account for any unexpected issues that could arise (technically or personally). You never know when life may throw you a curve ball, and we’ve found it’s always smart to allow plenty of time for building, testing, and perfecting your project before going live. That being said, our firm works hard and fast to ensure timely deliveries, and in some cases have been able to fulfill rush orders within a month if that’s what the client needs.

We are also willing to extend the development process longer than three months to accommodate your payment schedule needs. There is no deadline on our end for how soon you should release your project. Most clients will break down the total development cost into equal monthly installments. However, our primary goal is for you to be comfortable and happy throughout the development process, and our team is generally willing to adjust the development schedule based on your needs. We do require development costs to be paid in full prior to launching your project.