Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated April 17, 2018
Standard Privacy Policy for Winnona Partners, LLC

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the following Applications:

  • Church Finder: Locate Churches & Cathedrals Nearby
  • My Typewriter

Winnona Partners, LLC does not collect, store, display, or share any personal information or data about you in any way. Our policies and actions are in compliance with the standard licensing agreements of Google and Apple, Inc. We recommend reviewing Apple’s Terms and Conditions and Google’s Terms of Service if you have questions about what information (if any) is collected when using their services.

Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions:

Google Play Terms of Service:

For more information, you can contact

You can view Yule Nightlife’s Privacy Policy (Yule, LLC) here.

For more information about the fonts and licenses used in My Typewriter, please review the following information here.

Winnona Partners GDPR compliance information can be found here.